Linear movements

Assignment: Linear movements 1

Write a program from the drawing below to finish the contour. The workpiece has already been roughed. The Tool, T03, is in position and the work piece is to be finished at a constant surface speed of 320 m/min and a feed of 0.2 mm/rev.

Assignment: Linear movements 2

Prepare a program from the drawing below. This time a roughing cycle will be used with a roughing tool. The depth of the cut will be 5mm in diameter. Then follow on with a cut to finish the contour with tool T03.

Tool List
Roughing ToolT01
Finishing ToolT03
Speeds and Feeds
Roughing Speed200 m/min
Finishing Speed320 m/min
Roughing Feed0.3 mm/rev
Finishing Feed0.15 mm/rev