NC Program FLANGE (FL)

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(Main Program File with subprograms SPF4002+SPF4003)
N010 X-100 Y0 Z40

(-- FL-Outside Contour Milling --)
N020 G00 G17 G21 G40 G49 G80 G90
N030 G91 G28 Z0.
(-- End Mill Flat 6.0 MM --)
N040 T6 M06
N050 G00 G17 G90 G54 X-100 Y0 S400 F200 M03
N060 G43 H1 Z40 M08
N070 G00 X-5.000 Y58.500
N080 G00 Z15.000
N090 G00 X-5.000 Y58.500 Z2.000
N100 G01 X-5.000 Y58.500 Z-5.000
N110 G01 X-5.000 Y56.500 Z-5.000
N120 G03 X-0.000 Y51.500 Z-5.000 I0.000 J56.500
N130 G01 X62.500 Y51.500 Z-5.000
N140 G02 X76.500 Y37.500 Z-5.000 I62.500 J37.500
N150 G01 X76.500 Y-37.500 Z-5.000
N160 G02 X62.500 Y-51.500 Z-5.000 I62.500 J-37.500
N170 G01 X-62.500 Y-51.500 Z-5.000
N180 G02 X-76.500 Y-37.500 Z-5.000 I-62.500 J-37.500
N190 G01 X-76.500 Y37.500 Z-5.000
N200 G02 X-62.500 Y51.500 Z-5.000 I-62.500 J37.500
N210 G01 X0.000 Y51.500 Z-5.000
N220 G03 X5.000 Y56.500 Z-5.000 I0.000 J56.500
N230 G01 X5.000 Y58.500 Z-5.000
N240 G00 X5.000 Y58.500 Z40.000
N250 G00 X-100.000 Y0.000
(-- END MOTION --)
N260 M09
N270 M05
N280 M17

(-- FL-Inside Contour laying out --)
N290 G00 G17 G21 G40 G49 G80 G90
N300 G91 G28 Z40.
(-- SLOT MILL 0.8 MM --)
N310 T14 M06
N320 G00 G17 G90 G54 X-100 Y0 S500 F200 M03
N330 G43 H1 Z40 M08
N340 G00 X-5.000 Y29.000
N350 G00 Z15.000
N360 G00 X-5.000 Y29.000 Z2.000
N370 G01 X-5.000 Y29.000 Z-0.100
N380 G01 X-5.000 Y31.000 Z-0.100
N390 G02 X0.000 Y36.000 Z-0.100 I0.000 J31.000
N400 G01 X45.729 Y36.000 Z-0.100
N410 G02 X49.084 Y33.500 Z-0.100 I45.729 J32.500
N420 G03 X58.500 Y24.084 Z-0.100 I62.500 J37.500
N430 G02 X61.000 Y20.729 Z-0.100 I57.500 J20.729
N440 G01 X61.000 Y-20.729 Z-0.100
N450 G02 X58.500 Y-24.084 Z-0.100 I57.500 J-20.729
N460 G03 X49.084 Y-33.500 Z-0.100 I62.500 J-37.500
N470 G02 X45.729 Y-36.000 Z-0.100 I45.729 J-32.500
N480 G01 X-45.729 Y-36.000 Z-0.100
N490 G02 X-49.084 Y-33.500 Z-0.100 I-45.729 J-32.500
N500 G03 X-58.500 Y-24.084 Z-0.100 I-62.500 J-37.500
N510 G02 X-61.000 Y-20.729 Z-0.100 I-57.500 J-20.729
N520 G01 X-61.000 Y20.729 Z-0.100
N530 G02 X-58.500 Y24.084 Z-0.100 I-57.500 J20.729
N540 G03 X-49.084 Y33.500 Z-0.100 I-62.500 J37.500
N550 G02 X-45.729 Y36.000 Z-0.100 I-45.729 J32.500
N560 G01 X0.000 Y36.000 Z-0.100
N570 G02 X5.000 Y31.000 Z-0.100 I0.000 J31.000
N580 G01 X5.000 Y29.000 Z-0.100
N590 G00 X5.000 Y29.000 Z40.000
N600 G00 X-100.000 Y0.000
(-- END MOTION --)
N610 M09
N620 M05
N630 M17

N640 G91 G28 Z0.
N650 G28 X0. Y0.
N660 G90
N670 M30