Receiving a CNC Program

Three transmission functions in Receive are briefly explained below:

Old or New CNC Program File?

If you click on the button Receive File you will receive a file to disk without opening it in the editor.

The file may be a new one or a newer version of an old one. To help you determine the action a dialog window showing all the CNC programs saved in the current directory are shown:

If you await a new version of for example, click on, but if you want to receive a new CNC program file (e.g., enter the program name into the field 'File name'. After saving, the Receive status for the file appears:

The system is now awaiting the file to be received.

Switch Over to Quick Reception

Another way to Receive is offered when clicking on the button Receive. The Receive status window appears:

As can be seen there is no entry made of any file name. When this window appears, the computer (e.g. the DNC server) is awaiting a file to be received.

When the transmission is finished the status window shows the number of Bytes and Lines received, the transfer speed in characters per second (CPS), the number of transmission errors, the elapsed time in seconds, and the status "Completed":

If you click 'OK' the received program will be shown in a new editor window for further editing.

Urgent Receiving

If the machine operator wants to get your OK for a "last minute modification" of the actual CNC program (e.g., you can receive it directly to your screen by clicking the button Receive Into Current Window.

The following warning will appear:

Answering "Yes", a Receive Status will appear - that of the new that you are waiting for:

If the file transfer has been successfully finished, click 'OK'.

You will now see the changes that the machine operator wants to make, for you to accept or reject: