To configure machine specific characters and commands, select Machine from the File types menu in the left hand list of the Editor setup dialog, or click the Machine Templates icon in the File Type menu within the Editor tab. The machine configuration dialog is shown below:

Machine type configuration dialog.

Special Characters


Comment start

Enter the comment start character here, for example (.


Comment end

Enter the comment end character here, for example ).


Block skip

Enter the block skip character here. If you don't want a block skip character, just leave the field empty.


Decimal point

Enter the decimal separator here (decimal point or comma).


Multi-line comment start

Use this field to specify the multi-line comment start string.


Multi-line comment end

Use this field to specify the multi-line comment end string.


Block skip after block number

Check this field if a block skip should be inserted after the block number. If you leave this field unchecked, the block skip will be just before the block number.

You can specify another block skip character in the field Block Skip, if necessary.


Use decimal point on numeric keypad

Check this field if the decimal key on the numeric keypad should insert the decimal point specified above.


Enable multi line comments

Check this field to enable coloring of multi line comments.

NC Codes


Tool Change

Use this field to specify the tool change prefix.

Example: If the tool number is specified as T010101, specify T in this field.


Tool load

Use this field to specify the tool load command. If the tool load command is found on the same line as the tool change command, the tool is loaded immediately.

Example: N1230 T020202 M6.


Set feedrate

Use this field to specify the feedrate prefix.

Example: If the feedrate is specified as F1000, specify F in this field.


Set spindle speed

Use this field to specify the spindle speed prefix.

Example: If the spindle speed is specified as S1000, specify S in this field.



Toopath unit

Select the path unit from this drop-down list.


Feedrate unit

Select the feedrate unit from the drop-down list.



Use this field to specify the number of decimals shown in the backplot etc.


Rapid speed (mm / min)

Use this field to specify the rapid feedrate.

The machine settings will only affect the selected file type.