This section describes the commands in the Edit menu. This menu contains the ordinary text editing functions.

The Edit menu.

You can select/mark a part of the text by dragging the cursor from start point to end point, while pressing the left mouse button. The background color on the marked text is changed to indicate the selected area (see Colors Setup).


Copy / Ctrl+C

Copies the selected text to the clipboard.


Cut / Ctrl+X

Deletes the selected text and saves it on the clipboard.

To paste the cut-out selection at another location in the file, place the cursor there and choose the command Paste.


Paste / Ctrl+V

Inserts the clipboard contents - after Copy or Cut - at the current cursor position.


Select All / Ctrl+A

Selects entire file content.


Undo / Ctrl+Z

Undo the last edit operation.


Redo / Ctrl+Y

Redo the last undo operation. You can redo all undo actions performed since the file was last opened.


Del / Del

Deletes the selected part of the NC program, or the character to the right of the cursor when no selection is done.


Mark/Delete range / Ctrl+M

When selecting the Mark/Delete range option under the Del drop-down menu, the following dialog appears:

Mark/Delete dialog box.

Here, you can specify a range of lines or block numbers to be marked or deleted. In addition, a special selection from a tool change, feed rate or spindle speed value can be marked up to the next or deleted.

You can also access this function from the Insert/Remove menu of the NC Functions tab.


Append File

Appends a file to the end of the current CNC program.


Insert File

Inserts a file into the current window at the cursor position.